Terrorists wanted

May 20, 2009

What an enterprising little town:

Earlier this month, Hardin’s town council voted unanimously to offer the US government a deal: Send Hardin the detainees that most foreign countries and other cities the US are afraid to take.

So they don’t want them in Lousisana.  Fine.  Someone else will, for the right price.  It’s the free-market thing to do.

But then you have Harry Reid running scared

I agree with Friedman entirely:

Yet I read that we’re actually holding up dozens of key appointments at the Treasury Department because we are worried whether someone paid Social Security taxes on a nanny hired 20 years ago at $5 an hour. That’s insane. It’s as if our financial house is burning down but we won’t let the Fire Department open the hydrant until it assures us that there isn’t too much chlorine in the water. Hello?

Poor Timmy has to save the banks, comfort the market, plan for the G-20 meeting, and reform the entire financial system, on his own.

A little less vetting at this point would be nice.

Reid, you need to work on giving Obama some cover.  Get the man the votes!