Fox boycott

September 20, 2009

And while I’m on the subject, is doing a great job updating lists of their individual show sponsors.

For my part I can’t really leave ATT because of my iPhone, or Geico because I’ve otherwise been so pleased with them.

However I’ve dumped Vonage in favor of toktumi (been with them for 5 years, pre-IPO), and I’m going to stop using the UPS Store (moved recently and was just going to get another box with them at a different location).

One Response to “Fox boycott”

  1. still thinking of one Says:

    I really don’t understand this left-wing obsession with shutting down a point of view they don’t like just because they aren’t able to compete with them, be it Fox or talk radio. This isn’t about promoting fair reporting. That would result in the shutdown of at least 90% of all tv and radio programs. The fact of the matter is that the news in this country has evolved (or is it devolved?) into the same scheme as its political and justice systems, namely the ‘adversarial’ setup. The idea is that you take two opposing points of view, choose a party/person that would promote that each point regardless of its correctness or truthfulness and let them fight it out. Then the observer of the fight would be able to discern the true state of things. Whether this system is the best way to the truth is besides the point. The system is set and in the current setup the right wing propaganda of Foxnews provides an invaluable counter balance to the left-wing propaganda of MSNBC and the pro-government weenieness of CNN (they support whoever’s in charge)

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