Just about everything being said against this bailout is based on misinformation and prejudice. Narrative seems to be driven by preconceptions accrued over the last two decades, not from current facts.

Here are just a couple things I keep hearing that make me cringe:

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As I watch the civil war going on in Republicanland, and the different prescriptions their members offer for their ailments, it occurs to me that it’s not going to be as simple as ‘rebranding’, or returning to ‘big ideas’ or even putting together a broader coalition.

First let’s make something clear: The Republican party is not really about ideas or positions.  They stand for fiscal responsibility, but run the biggest deficits.  They claim to protect ‘moral values’ but their candidates and elected officials often lack them.

No, its sole purpose is to protect ‘special interests’, which is just a euphemism for saying large corporations (especially energy and military-industrial) and ‘old money’ (wealthy families that didn’t earn their wealth in their lifetime).  The people that benefit directly from this protection make up a ridiculously small part of the citizenry.  I’d say about 1%.

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