Good rundown of why it’s needed, the logistics, and what needs to be accomplished.

via Calitics, state Senator Darrel Steinberg:

The 2/3 requirement that we have in this state. I know it’s a tired old saw. But when you really think about, that is the cause of so much of the dysfunction in the legislature. you have a minority party that obviously worked in tandem with the governor that cost the state 6-7 billion dollars tonight for no good reason. To somehow improve your negotiating position. It is without question the most irresponsible act that I have seen in my 15 years of public service…I hope that the significance will truly capture enough attention that the people will decide it is time to change the system that allows the minority to essentially rule the day. That’s not just the Senate Republicans, it was the Governor too, who was apparently out to prove a point. And he proved a point.

Isn’t this just obvious?

BTW, town halls are taking place all over to build support for a constitutional convention.  Like this one in Santa Monica next week (7/17).

It is hilarious that some are trying to position last weeks’s budget proposition defeats as a ‘tax revolt’.  Certainly some people voted no to keep their taxes put, but just as many on the left voted NO because we saw them as totally inadequate solutions, the proverbial kicking of the can down the road (and not very far at that).

I didn’t vote.  I knew they were all going down so didn’t bother.  But I have to confess I had to restrain myself: For a while I intended to vote YES just from listening to all the Howard Jarvis anti-tax commercials.

We need a real solution.  That’s why I support an end to the 2/3 rule, and I’m glad about the possibility of a constitutional convention next year that would address the complete un-governability of the state.

Pardon my cynicism, but I’m just a bit glad the California State Controller is now saying tax refund checks will be delayed.  In case you haven’t heard, the state has no money in the bank.  In fact, we are quickly falling into a 50 billion hole.

Perhaps people will pay a little attention and someone will put an initiative on the ballot to end this madness.  Doing any of these would be a good start:

  1. Require simple majority to pass budget instead of two thirds.
  2. Dock their pay and don’t let them leave Sacramento if budget late over a month.
  3. Reduce their pay one percent per day budget is late.
  4. Start appropriating money from their localities as soon as budget overdue.

In fact, why not all of the above?

Our legislators have simply not been doing their job for over six months:  Republicans refuse to increase taxes, while Democrats refuse to cut services.  Arnold yaps and yaps but will not do anything that might damage his career (Senate? Presidency still?)