Fox boycott

September 20, 2009

And while I’m on the subject, is doing a great job updating lists of their individual show sponsors.

For my part I can’t really leave ATT because of my iPhone, or Geico because I’ve otherwise been so pleased with them.

However I’ve dumped Vonage in favor of toktumi (been with them for 5 years, pre-IPO), and I’m going to stop using the UPS Store (moved recently and was just going to get another box with them at a different location).

Convenient evidence

July 29, 2009

“Texas Scorched by Worst Drought in 50 Years” reports The Journal, which in no way lends credibility to a global warming theory.

But a snowstorm during a global warming protest?  That proves global warming is all made up.

Fair and Balanced (in doublespeak).

Texas Scorched by Worst Drought in 50 Years

There is no question a big reason why the MSM informs so little is that senseless theories and rumors continue to be pushed even after being thoroughly refuted or debunked.  So often proving a point is, well, besides the point.  Confusing the issue and deflecting attention from real answers is the goal.

Pundits and think-tank ‘experts’ incur no cost whatsoever for doing this (professional, legal, reputational, etc.) since most are never held accountable for their past analyses or predictions, so it’s a cheap trick to further their backers’ agendas.

There are plenty of examples, but a particularly onerous one is the ‘Fannie and Freddie created the crisis by mandating minority loans’ meme.  It’s a favorite of Neil Cavuto over at News Corporation.

So I am ecstatic at this little experiment Barry Ritholtz is proposing: He will debate anyone on the topic, and bet $100,000 of his own money on it.  Let’s see how many idiots are willing to put up, and how many will finally shut up.

Another take on Glenn Beck’s laughable defense of his incitements to kill (I couldn’t help myself).  What if I said one night in my prime-time television show that…

Rupert Murdoch, in spite of his public newsman image, is really the leader of a secret organization that seeks a New World Order.  His newspapers and TV channels control half of the world’s opinion and information, and he is working tirelessly to gain control of the rest.  His media outlets use well-documented Orwellian techniques to pit the uneducated masses against themselves while deflecting criticism away from those actually responsible for their pains.  And there is reason to believe his wife is a secret agent that gets orders directly from the Communist Party (she’s from China, duh).

Mr. Murdoch’s propaganda machine is just like the Nazis’.  I’m not saying he is one, but really what we saw in the Weimar Republic was a group that controlled the message spreading lies and innuendos to mobilize the poor and disaffected to hate and eventually kill others that weren’t like them, so I’m just saying….

His conglomerate also manages to pay no taxes.  Some have famously called him a traitor to his ‘supposed’ homeland (the U.S.)

But I tell you he would do well to return to whatever Australian little town he came from because I talk with our valiant soldiers in the field and they are sick of it, in fact I know if any of them found themselves in an elevator with Mr. Murdoch, Harry Reid and Osama Bin Laden, he would get shot twice, then Reid and Bin Laden would get strangled to death (ha ha ha ha).

And I’m not advocating that of course, that would mean breaking the law.  But we must bring an end to this false newsman Murdoch, and I won’t be surprised when it happens, ahem, I mean IF it happens: Whether you choose to ignore it or not, there’s no longer a question of if the pot is boiling. We can all see the pot is boiling. Now the question is how do we pull ourselves together to defend ourselves against a common enemy?

So, would I get away with it?  Well, surely not if my target was Rupert, but anyone inconvenient to the GOP? Sure!

Such is the state of our ‘media’ that slander, innuendo, fearmongering and calls to violence pass as news at Fox and talk radio, and the rest of the media is too busy watching their profit margins to do the right thing and call them out.

What a charade.

P.S. Yes, obviously Beck didn’t make all these outrageous statements himself, but he’s made his fair share and he has the biggest horn of all, so he is perp #1.

It has been amusing to watch the demagogues at Fox News brush off any responsibility for recent killings.  The latest technique involves arguing that the perpetrator wasn’t really right-wing in his beliefs, and therefore ‘he’s not in our team’, which is besides the point entirely:

Individuals with borderline-clinical cases of paranoia are always among us, under any administration, even in the most prosperous of economies. They are sick, just like a pedophile or a pyromaniac or a kleptomaniac.  Their paranoia can be focused on any number of peoples or theories, and they don’t necessarily fit a left-right classification.

Usually they keep their thoughts to themselves or within the small fringe of like-minded friends.  The difference now is that they are being encouraged day in and day out to come out and DO SOMETHING by the right-wing hate mongers.

In other words, the extreme right is using these poor sick people to fight their war, while pretending to wash their hands clean.

What is most sickening is that The News Corporation is allowed to profit off of this violence.  How does that make sense?

I saw this live that day and I couldn’t believe my ears.

We all know that Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Republican party.  And we all witnessed how they did everything in their power to keep Obama from the White House, peddling the Indonesian Madrassa story, giving air to every wacko with a (completely unsubstanciated) Obama expose book, lying about his tax plan, etc.

But insinuating that a sitting senator and potential president is or acts like a terrorist in the middle of an election is stepping way over the line.   It is not just sloppy or unbalanced or sensationalist journalism.  It’s appealing to viewers’ most primitive fears making unsubstantiated or misleading claims to pursue an agenda.  It is the sort of fear-mongering McCarthy used, and how the Nazi party was able to pin the miseries of the Weimar Republic on the Jews.  And it is stock-in-trade for the GOP and Fox.

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