GM and Chrysler

April 4, 2009

There are too many intricacies to the auto bailout, and it is moving way too quickly, to adventure an opinion.

But I will say I am ecstatic they have decided to act separately on the two companies and put Chrysler in the tighter spot.

GM was staging a remarkable turnaround when the crisis hit, and their new models are best-in-class.  Plus the Volt has a good chance of succeeding.

Chrysler on the other hand couldn’t find their way.  They don’t have a single well-designed model except for the 300M.

Just about everything being said against this bailout is based on misinformation and prejudice. Narrative seems to be driven by preconceptions accrued over the last two decades, not from current facts.

Here are just a couple things I keep hearing that make me cringe:

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