The irony of playing the jew card

July 29, 2009

With the recent reports that Netanyahu called Emanuel and Axelrod self-hating jews, I found this at the Economist DIA blog interesting:

Efforts to win support for right-wing Israeli policies are inevitably going to spin off accusations, like Mr Kirchik’s, that Jews like Max Blumenthal who criticise Israel are self-hating or in some sense not real Jews. This is a familiar dynamic in ethnic nationalist politics; it’s similar to what Slobodan Milosevic did to Serbian liberal opponents, what Putinists do to liberal Russian politicians, or what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done to his opponents in Iran. It’s actually rather similar, for that matter, to what ethnic nationalists, actual anti-Semites, have always done to the Jews in their countries—claiming they are not “real Russians”, “real Englishmen”, “real Frenchmen”, “real Americans”. If those who are slurring liberal Jews critical of right-wing Israeli policies were thoughtful people, this might give them pause. But, for the most part, they’re not, and it won’t.

via Andrew, who adds:

If you don’t agree with Jamie Kirchick, you’re a self-hater if you’re Jewish and an anti-Semite if you’re not.

One Response to “The irony of playing the jew card”

  1. still thinking of one Says:

    Actually it is a formal Israeli policy to encourage emigration from aforementioned countries by reminding them that they are not ‘real’ Frenchmen, Englishmen, Russians, etc. There’s been a very active campaign a few years ago directed at France during a flair up of anti-Semitic violence. Netanyahu’s comments are consistent with this policy and the realities of ethnic relations. Whether it’s valid or not placing this view in the same category as antisemitism is the same as putting Israeli-Arab conflict in the same category as Holocaust – an act antisemitic in itself. Which doesn’t surprise me coming from the Economist.

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