What is it with this whole ‘Obama the redistributionist’ meme?  It’s ridiculous.

It was George W. Bush who redistributed wealth with his tax cuts.  He took money from lower and middle income families and gave it to the most wealthy (we ALL will have to pay for the 2 trillion we have been borrowing to cover the hole).

And for what?  Nothing was gained from it: The perceived prosperity of the Bush years turned out to be a series of dangerous bubbles (proof positive, in fact, that trickle-down is a hoax).

I understand poor Republicans enjoy handing their money to wealthy Republicans.  More power to them.  But why should the rest of us?

In fact, ideally we should now increase their taxes as much as Bush cut them, for the next eight years, so THEY pay back the debt.

That’s 44% for incomes over  373K.  How about it?

Understanding Palin

July 20, 2009

Frank Rich comes through again with a brilliant article on the Palin phenomenon.  Choice quote:

The essence of Palinism is emotional, not ideological. Yes, she is of the religious right, even if she winks literally and figuratively at her own daughter’s flagrant disregard of abstinence and marriage. But family-values politics, now more devalued than the dollar by the philandering of ostentatiously Christian Republican politicians, can only take her so far. The real wave she’s riding is a loud, resonant surge of resentment and victimization that’s larger than issues like abortion and gay civil rights.

That resentment is in part about race, of course. When Palin referred to Alaska as “a microcosm of America” during the 2008 campaign, it was in defiance of the statistical reality that her state’s tiny black and Hispanic populations are unrepresentative of her nation. She stood for the “real America,” she insisted, and the identity of the unreal America didn’t have to be stated explicitly for audiences to catch her drift.