Pot and crime in L.A.

July 7, 2009

Two startling bits of news hit the Los Angeles area the last couple weeks: Crime rates are down beyond all expectations (in fact we are on track for the fewest murders since the 60s).  Meanwhile there has been an explosion on the number of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the city since 2007, which thanks to a loophole in the law now number over 600.

There is no data (yet anyways) to draw a relation between these two facts, but I still get a chuckle thinking what the headlines would be if crime was up instead, and how many outlets would be brazenly trying to imply just such cause and effect.

2 Responses to “Pot and crime in L.A.”

  1. Lyoff Says:

    Ya man!

  2. maristi Says:

    Haha, hey glad to see you’re lurking around. So, did you get your medical marijuana card yet?

    lol 😉

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