Republicans shooting themselves on the foot (again) – Limbaugh: boycott GM

June 14, 2009

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these.  It just wasn’t fun anymore to watch them self-destruct.  But Limbaugh really merits one this week:

He calls on his dittoheads to boycott GM.

That’s, of course, preposterous and even treasonous, as we are talking about the jobs and lives of fellow Americans who happen to be in dire straits at the moment and who would have had it much worse had all of us (the taxpayer) not come to their rescue.

So this strikes me as just another nail in the GOP coffin as it will push Ohio, Indiana and other swing states even more towards the Democratic column.  That’s true even if Rush’s dreams come true (Obama’s policies fail miserably or there is another terrorist attack).

And all for what?  I see no upside for the party.  This won’t get them any additional votes, even in the South.  Maybe better ratings, if that.

In fact, if anything I think this will be helpful to GM (and the administration):

Say Rush gets 20% of his listeners (which total about 10-15% of American adults) on board with this.  That’s about a 2% loss of market for GM.  But every action has an opposite reaction, and if this gets even just 10% of the rest of the country to look at a GM car out of patriotism and solidarity (and perhaps disgust), that’s a gain of 9%.  Resulting in a net market gain of 7%

So thank you Rush!

3 Responses to “Republicans shooting themselves on the foot (again) – Limbaugh: boycott GM”

  1. still thinking of one Says:

    I see nothing unreasonable or unpatriotic about boycotting GM in favor of Ford. Ford makes better cars anyway.

    • maristi Says:

      Uhh that’s a nice loophole. Did he actually advocate that? Doesn’t work for me though… I don’t like a single one of their models.

  2. still thinking of one Says:

    I have no idea what Rush said. I listened to him perhaps 5-7 times in my life. Last time would be about 4 years ago. If he believes the stuff he says then he’s a two-faced idiot. Otherwise he’s a brilliant entertainer. The reason I gave this spin to his ‘idea’ is not that I have something against GM, but because I believe Ford should be rewarded for pulling through this without government help by a huge inflow of customers. And let’s face it, they won’t be coming from Toyota or Honda.

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