State of the left: Un-focused

June 13, 2009

Why is every other post in the lefty blogosphere about gay marriage or torture?

I understand that everyone’s got to keep the pressure on so the administration will follow through on promises made for every pet issue.

But let’s have a little perspective: Healthcare reform is the central issue of this administration.  It touches all of us every day, not just a small percentage (gay rights), and not narrowly (detainee policies).

We like to goad about the GOP being rudderless and leaderless but hey, we’re not doing a very good job following our own.

C’mon people, focus: Healthcare, healthcare healthcare!

P.S. Really, whatever your favorite advocacy organization (here’s one), please send them a few bucks this week.  The insurance industry will be spending 100 million in the next weeks to fight off reform (more specifically, to get 50 million new customers, on the taxpayers’ dime, without changing their ways).  So how many ads can the good guys afford?  It’s up to you and me.

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