iPhone 3.0 is out next month, with a new much faster Bluetooth, and APIs for peripheral control.

It would be nice to choose songs on the phone and listen over my stereo wirelessly, without having to walk over every time.


There should be a fourth, blue button in windows that have full and mini-player modes.

When I click the green minimize button in iTunes it should minimize.

Utah Republican governor Jon Huntsman supports civil unions, has eased Mormon-prescribed alcohol laws, and was second to jump into the Western Climate Initiative (after Schwarzenegger).

He’s been criticizing congressional Republicans for obstructionism, and other governors for turning down stimulus money.

And he has done all this without incurring the wrath of Rush, Steele or anyone else.  Except the Kent County (Michigan) Republican party that is.  Wooptidoo.

Very clever and strategic positioning.  Plus he is young, good looking and speaks with nuance and clarity.

Comments 2.0

May 2, 2009

Blog and page comments need a makeover.  The current approaches don’t scale well.  Bigger properties are typically overrun by a handful of heavy users talking amongst themselves, and usually not about the topic at hand.

Case in point, my last link:  The post makes an important argument about the meaning of socialism, and contemplates the very controversial idea that America is just as socialist as Europe (albeit in a different way).   But the commenters miss the point entirely, with the same 5 users discussing whether more Europeans want to emigrate to the U.S. or viceversa, or whether massive inflation is coming, or the usual ‘Wall Street is stealing our money’ meme.

Even sites with scoring don’t fare much better.  Just check out any article at Politico or Marketwatch.

The problem is that 90% of the noise comes from a handful of users, but reviews (when available) are done on individual posts.  Reviewing users would work much better.

If I could block a user with one click I would only need 10 clicks to cut out most of the noise for ALL posts of a blog (even older ones).

Better yet, allow two levels: A tentative block, which highlights that user’s comments prominently, and a full block for when I’m sure they are consistently not adding value.

Block information from all users can be aggregated so blog can filter out 5 (or 50 or 500) most blocked users by default for casual visitors or non-logged in users.

Lastly, show all comments when post is marked as ‘open thread’, in which case a more free-form conversation is actually desired.

Barry stumbles into a big thought.  He’s right of course:

-Europe has cradle to grave health care plans, generous unemployment benefits, and free or subsidized college costs.

-The US gives away public assets (oil, gas, mineral rights)  for pennies on the dollar, has huge subsidies and tax breaks, and bails out reckless speculators.

It turns out that both regions are welfare states — only in Europe, the natural population (i.e., people) is the recipient, while in the US, the corporate population is the beneficiary.