Exposing AEI

April 5, 2009

Devilstower does a great job.  Neocon politicians, not scholars.

What startled me was that NPR is just as guilty as the networks:

What do we get if we look at a media outlet, say the supposedly liberal-friendly NPR? Based on the information from NPR’s web page, 70 of the 86 people currently listed as scholars at AEI have had air time on NPR over the last eight years.  If you omit the people who were either members of the Bush administration, or elected officials you still have 63 AEI pundits got attention from NPR. Not only that, but 16 of them made over a dozen appearances. In total, they got their say on public radio over 600 times over that period. That’s over 600 times that your tax dollars, and the contributions to your local station, helped AEI press the neocon message.

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