Post Office vs. FedEx

March 27, 2009

I am so tired of politicians using the Post Office as example of how government can’t run anything well.  Especially when they boast how much faster and reliable FedEx is.

It’s the ultimate apples to oranges comparison!

If I paid $21 to ship a simple letter I would demand tracking and next day delivery.  But for $0.42 I am very pleased that they rarely lose my piece, it takes only a few days, deliver rain or shine, and the line at the window takes no longer than at the FedEx counter.

In fact, their Priority Mail is an exceptional product: For $4.60 you get tracking and 2-day delivery to most locations (3-day to the rest).

If anything, our mail system is a perfect example of how government and private enterprise can coexist, delivering a good value to most people, and a better though much pricier alternative for those that really need it and can afford it.

Maybe they should bring the Postmaster General into those healthcare discussions at the White House.

One Response to “Post Office vs. FedEx”

  1. Reynaldo Laureano Says:

    I agree.

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