Santelli’s rant staged?

February 28, 2009

Apparently just another GOP echo-chamber stunt, bankrolled by the Kochs.  But details just emerging.

Barry and Kos are on it.

One Response to “Santelli’s rant staged?”

  1. stoo Says:

    If there was any truth to this then CNBC’s competitors would be all over this. Of course, if you were a true conspiracy nut you could claim the ultra-liberals on MSNBC are being silenced by their corporate bosses, while Foxnews is so conservative they’ll even refrain from sinking their competitor in order to stick it to Obama. That still leaves ABC and CNN, though. It could be they are just double checking their facts before running with the story, but until it comes out on one of the major outlets, I’d say those blog entries are a scam and if that’s true then they one who owe an apology.

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