Republicans shooting themselves on the foot (again)

February 20, 2009

First they give away whatever seats they have left in the Rust Belt, and even some in the South, by opposing any help to Detroit.

Then they give Obama carte blanche to NOT work with them on the upcoming major legislation (70% of public now considers them ‘the party of NO’ while viewing Obama as conciliatory and fair).

Now in California, by their intransigence, they have singlehandedly ensured that the 2/3 rule for passing budgets is repealed in an upcoming ballot.  This will effectively take away what little shred of power they still have in the state.

2 Responses to “Republicans shooting themselves on the foot (again)”

  1. stoo Says:

    2/3 rule is the only thing that’s slowing down (though not stopping, unfortunately) radical pro-illegal alien liberal cabal from running this state into the ground. I completely agree with the republican strategy because I’m a big opponent of the “we must do something philosophy”. I’d rather the government do nothing. 95% of the issues coming before the government should be ignored by it, the way supreme court turns down the vast majority of cases coming before them. As for Rachel Maddow, she’s clearly a liberal answer to Sean Hannity. A intellectually dishonest gasbag who continuously lies, misrepresents, and just plain calls people names for the dramatic effect of it. I’m completely aghast at how the quickly the new administration and its proponents have turned into Bush administration and its cronies with “we’re always right and whoever is not with us wants America to fail” attitude. They, of course, think they are justified in doing so because Bush was clearly wrong and they, being the opposite, must be clearly right. Sorry. just because 2+2 is not 3 doesn’t mean it’s 5. There are an infinite amount of wrong directions and only one correct one. Unfortunately this country is headed the wrong way once again.

  2. maristi Says:

    Look, we can argue all day about Keynesian, free-market or Austrian school economics, or about how much the government should or should not do.

    But comparing Hannity and Maddow is ridiculous. They both aim to incite their constituency rather than discuss dispassionately, I’ll give you that. But the means are completely different:

    Maddow carefully lays out her arguments and supporting facts. Her guests are academics and actual real economists.

    Hannity uses unsupported allegations, fallacies and half-truths. His guests are fringe cooks, anti-semites, pseudo-scientists and assorted fear mongers with zero credibility.

    I am thrilled that the left now has loud voice to take on the talking heads on the right at their own game. Especially someone that can do it by staying classy and not treating viewers like they are third graders.

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