Boiling over

February 8, 2009

Just came back from an Organizing for America recovery house meeting.

It was half twelve-step support group (hi, my name is Andy and I/my brother/my friend just lost his job/pension/savings), and half organizing a response to the Republican nonsense machine.

The outrage against the way Republicans had made a mockery of this recovery bill (while the country burns) is boiling over.  I’m talking pitchforks.

I’m probably giving him too much credit, but it almost feels like Obama’s bipartisanship little stint was (among other things) a way to rally his own troops.

We’ll see this week just how much of a backlash there is against the dittoheads.

6 Responses to “Boiling over”

  1. chacha Says:

    Yeah, they need to pass this thing ASAP. I am the latest victim of the downturn (one of the many laid off Americans). Action needs to happen NOW before it gets any worse.

  2. still thinking of one Says:

    I’m going to have to take a 3rd point of view here. Republicans are indeed idiots. Who talks about corporate tax rates cuts these days? Idiots. However, this bill is not a recovery bill. 3/4 of it are unemployment extensions, food stamps, lower income rate tax cuts. While these may be nice things and will ease the lives of the less fortunate, they won’t stimulate anything. Where are the New Deal scale infrastructure projects we were promised? 30 billion out of 880? That’s pathetic. That’s a lie and a ‘bait&switch’. Not that I expected anything else, but those of you ‘boiling over’ out there, ready the pitchforks for the Washington frauds, not just less successful ones.

  3. maristi Says:

    What!!! No way Chacha, not you! If anything was safe I thought it was healthcare.

    Can you commute to Santa Barbara? 😉

  4. maristi Says:

    Stoo, I’m not sure what you’re basing that on, but the WaPo graph I’m looking at has 30 billion just for roads, then another 30 for other construction projects, plus almost 50 for energy, etc.

    What I’m pissed about is we’re only going to end up spending 6 billion on broadband. That was my pet issue and really to achieve game-changing network effects you have to have really deep penetration. I’ve read estimates that we needed at least 15 billion to get there. I’m hoping that they can jiggle with the spectrum we didn’t already sell last year to come up with a rural broadband plan with little or no fiber.

  5. still thinking of one Says:

    ‘Stoo’! I like that acronym. It’s almost a name. You’re right, the number I quoted came from somebody’s talking point I guess, stuck in my head. Looking over the bill in detail there’s probably around 140 billion that can be considered infrastructure. Still, 140 out 830? You don’t see anything wrong with that breakdown?

  6. maristi Says:

    Not to be confused with Stewie, right?

    Well… if a third of it goes to states, medicaid and unemployment to just keep another million from getting the boot and even more from being destitute, yeah I think that’s money well spent. It stops the hemorrhaging quick, even before projects start kicking in.

    The states really need the help. There’s just no amount of cutting they can do to close the gap. They are getting squeezed from all sides: property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, all waaaaay down. And unlike uncle Sam they can’t borrow at the moment.

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