McCain the dinosaur

January 25, 2009

He was ridiculed during the campaign for not using email, or blackberry, or knowing the difference between a Mac and PC.

But never was his technological ineptitude as visible as today:

MCCAIN: There’s got to be some kind of litmus as to whether it’ll really stimulate the economy and whether it will in the short-term. Some of the stimulus in this package is excellent; some of it, frankly, has nothing to do — some of the projects and others that you just mentioned, $6 billion for broadband and internet access. That will take years.

Universal broadband access is actually the most important part of the entire stimulus package, and at only 6 billion (less than 1% of the total) is already incredibly underfunded.

Like many old-timers McCain still thinks of infrastructure in terms of roads and buildings, when we need to be thinking in terms of a new electron economy.  I’ll quote Friedman again:

If we spend $1 trillion on a stimulus and just get better highways and bridges — and not a new Google, Apple, Intel or Microsoft — your kids will thank you for making it so much easier for them to commute to the unemployment office or mediocre jobs.

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