Renegade Maverick

January 20, 2009

Much is being written about the emerging Obama-McCain alliance.  Rick Santorum said it most bluntly:

I believe Obama has an ace in the hole among Senate Republicans. This unlikely ace can deliver not only the GOP moderates needed to break a filibuster, but also the stamp of bipartisanship: the 2008 GOP standard bearer, John McCain.

To which I say “why wouldn’t he?”

The Republican Party’s intransigence sabotaged his candidacy by:

  • Never supporting him until he gave them their beloved disaster from Alaska, which only undermined him.
  • Not allowing him to choose the vice president he really wanted, a moderate like Lieberman which would have attracted independents.
  • Imposing the Rove team and their tactics to run his campaign, which illegitimized the straight-talk reputation he had carefully built.

Could he have won with the campaign he wanted to run?  I think he just might.  And he probably believes that.

Now he’s got a chance to rebuild his Maverick reputation, get back at the Right, and maybe even share in Obama’s glory.

And really, why stick with a sinking ship when he wasn’t welcome anyways?

It’s good to have the Maverick back.

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