The future of Israel

January 14, 2009

Bob Simon has a sobering look at the future of Israel.  Some excerpts:

“… I think history has passed it [a two-state solution] by..”  because removal of the settlers is not politically and militarily viable.  So many of the soldiers are religious guys the army would break apart.

“.. might have been possible with Rabin, which is why he was killed.”

Within 20 years Palestinians will outnumber Jews.  What happens then?  Three options:

  1. Give them the vote (unthinkable)
  2. Ethnic cleansing
  3. Apartheid

Some say apartheid is already here.. for example settlers have their own highways that Palestinians are not allowed to use.

“The settlers went in there knowing that their objective was to prevent a Palestinian state”

“Gaza has become the largest prison in the world”

2 Responses to “The future of Israel”

  1. still thinking of one Says:

    The the current demographics will be altered by a large scale, possibly nuclear, war in the region in the 25 years. Then we’ll sort out the survivors.

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