Anything you want Olmert

January 13, 2009

That the Israeli prime minister can just call up our president and order that we do X or Y is outrageous.

I don’t know what share of Jewish vote Obama needs for reelection, but this is something else that needs to change starting next Tuesday.

Oh and Olmert needs to shut up.

3 Responses to “Anything you want Olmert”

  1. still thinking of one Says:

    and the sources for the article are..? When the only thing I have to judge the credibility of an anti-Israel article is the name of the author, Satyam Khanna, I can draw the appropriate conclusions.

    • maristi Says:

      He said it in a public speech, and has not retracted a word. Here’s IHT’s take (hardly Israel-bashers).

      The thing is, Olmert was probably just trying to embarrass Rice, but the whole episode shed much light on his relationship with Bush instead.

  2. still thinking of one Says:

    IC. Thing’s Olmert is a liar, a crook, and a political failure who lost a war and dismantled a majority party handed to him by his predecessor. Hmm… Sounds familiar…Anyway, the point is I wouldn’t put much faith into his bragging at some city square in a small border town. Just a week or so ago there was an article how Israel was turned down multiple times when requesting bunker busting bombs and access to Iraq airspace to do a raid on Iran. Behind the scenes aid is mostly stuff of conspiracies. American politicians try to do their Israel helping in public because their primary goal is to get votes rather than actually help.

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