January 8, 2009

If Hamas is rigging schools with explosives to make Israel look bad, why isn’t Israel allowing journalists into Gaza?

3 Responses to “Propaganda”

  1. Hoover Says:

    Is Hamas rigging schools with explosives? I’ve yet to see any evidence…

  2. still thinking of one Says:

    There’s no upside. Once inside Hamas controlled areas they will report only what Hamas allows them to report. It’s not like they’ll be allowed full access to film anything they want, or can go undercover. Whatever Hamas damaging information there is it’s coming through Israel’s extensive informant network. These people risk being shot without trial on suspicion only, they are not stupid enough to talk to journalists. There’s plenty of downside, too. Reporting on Israel troop movements, for one, and all the bad publicity should a journalist get killed by an errand shell.
    I suppose the only way to get accurate information would be to invite some European explosives experts “post-mortem” do determine which building gone blown up from the outside and which from the inside.

    • maristi Says:

      I think you’re absolutely right unfortunately. Perhaps joe-the-journo is right and media shouldn’t be allowed in war zones 😉

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