A breakthrough MacWorld

January 7, 2009

A DRM-free iTunes is a big deal. Game-changing even.

A couple implications I can think of:

  1. Labels have come full circle.  The war on music piracy has either entered a new stage, or ended altogether.
  2. iTunes’ market share will grow faster this year as consumers with non-iPods can now purchase there.
  3. Amazon and Walmart have lost what little competitive advantage they had.
  4. The risk of a lawsuit by U.S. or European anti-monopoly regulators (for not opening up FairPlay) is gone.

It’s really surprising that after years of blasting Apple over their DRM, when it is finally gone detractors have nothing nice to say.

The NYT gets it right.  WSJ and Marketplace don’t (they think the change in pricing is more important).

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