No class Dubya

December 27, 2008

I don’t know what passes for good manners among the Houston country club set, but where I come from singing yourself praises sure doesn’t.  In fact it’s rather tasteless.

The American people by and large think he is a buffoon, but rather than going out quietly (if with his head held high), he chooses to pile on more and more and more lies.  Perhaps he wanted to remind us just how arrogant he is, lest we forget.

Well, in that spirit of remembering what was so we can move forward, let us go over some of his accomplishments:

  1. Lied us into an unneeded war.
  2. Turned the world’s goodwill towards us after 9/11 into hatred.
  3. Failed to catch Bin Laden and quash Al-Quaida.
  4. Mocked our founding fathers by trampling over the constitution.
  5. Destroyed our alliances.
  6. Doubled our debt to 10 trillion.
  7. Failed to solve Iran and North Korea
  8. Left New Orleans to drawn.
  9. Turned his party’s ‘permanent majority’ into regional irrelevance.
  10. Obstructed science and medical research.
  11. Staffed the bureaucracy with unqualified cronies.
  12. Had his regulators not regulate, his attorneys break the law.
  13. Made Russia into an enemy again.
  14. Sold our scenic public lands for drilling without environmental study.
  15. Compounded the housing crisis (by pushing for increased ownership).

One Response to “No class Dubya”

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