Thank you Iowa

December 26, 2008

For caucusing, and listening, and taking the election seriously, and taking a chance and making us see and believe that it was possible.

Andrew has a beautiful picture and speech from a long long time ago (June 07)

I will never forget the day Barack won the caucus.  I was driving home when I heard it and I got goosebumps.  That day I started working to get him elected.


Not so clean coal

December 26, 2008

A dike broke in Tennessee, releasing 800 olympic pools’ worth of coal ash sludge from a powerplant.  No fatalities and little structure damage resulted, fortunately.  But the 400 acres of land now covered under up to 6 feet of toxic sludge will take years to clean up.

Bush the bookworm?

December 26, 2008

The Bush re-branding continues.  Karl Rove claims they started a book-reading competition in 05, and that Bush read 95 just that year alone.  He goes into great detail, breaking their selections down by category, and naming several titles.

I don’t believe him for a second.

Perhaps one of the many journos getting farewell interviews these last days of Dubya will pick one of those titles and try to quiz him a little.