Give the seat to Caroline

December 21, 2008

Democrats are going to need some serious PR punch in the senate to get Barack’s agenda past Republicans’ filibusters.

The battle for those extra couple votes is going to be waged on the airwaves.  Just like Reagan had to (succesfully).  Obama comes with tremendous strength, but he can’t do it alone, and there is currently no one in the senate that has the gravitas to get any airtime.  Especially now that we lost Hillary, Biden and even Salazar.  And Reid is terrible (he could help more by staying quiet).

Whether she has the experience and qualifications is not the issue (many senators are routinely elected without much of either).

What she has for sure is a great name and a fresh face.  As long as she demonstrates even average eloquence she will quickly become a media darling that can echo Barack’s message and steal precious airtime away from Gingrich, McCain and the army of GOP talking heads.

People will listen to her.

UPDATE 12/20:  BTW I don’t often disagree with Kos, but I think he’s focused exclusively in promoting a (small ‘d’) democratic process and not thinking strategically as a Democrat.  I commend him, but excuse me if I choose to be a little cynical on this one.

3 Responses to “Give the seat to Caroline”

  1. I tend to agree. Celebrity status is very helpful in politics. One example of that is Arnold Schwartzenegger.

  2. chacha Says:

    I think Caroline would be a good choice, too.

    Certainly better than Fran Drescher – what the heck is that about? What kind of experience does she have other than at one point being an annoying voice on a sitcom?

  3. maristi Says:

    Seriously Chacha. Plus two Jews representing NY would be the ultimate in anti-diversity, no? At least they got a black governor, though not by vote. But really, at this point they should have a Latino/a from Brooklyn.

    And speaking of Schwartzenegger, remember some of our other candidates then? Angelyne, Larry Flynt, Gary Coleman? A little publicity does a career good.

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