Never forget – Terrorist fist jab

December 8, 2008

I saw this live that day and I couldn’t believe my ears.

We all know that Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Republican party.  And we all witnessed how they did everything in their power to keep Obama from the White House, peddling the Indonesian Madrassa story, giving air to every wacko with a (completely unsubstanciated) Obama expose book, lying about his tax plan, etc.

But insinuating that a sitting senator and potential president is or acts like a terrorist in the middle of an election is stepping way over the line.   It is not just sloppy or unbalanced or sensationalist journalism.  It’s appealing to viewers’ most primitive fears making unsubstantiated or misleading claims to pursue an agenda.  It is the sort of fear-mongering McCarthy used, and how the Nazi party was able to pin the miseries of the Weimar Republic on the Jews.  And it is stock-in-trade for the GOP and Fox.

It is definitely much worse than Dan Rather relying on a questionable document to claim George Bush dodged the draft.

She was forced to apologize for the comment soon after, except it wasn’t really an apology.  She claimed she was merely repeating what others were saying, but neglected to give any specific references.  Noone has been able to find any of course, because there aren’t.  It is just one of those ways of saying something without really saying it.

If Fox News was an organization of any repute and cared about fairness in the least, Ms. Hill and her producer should have been fired or at least suspended for their transgression, and Roger Ayles or John Moody themselves should have issued an apology via press release.

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